The Revolt Is On In Tallahassee

I began my freshman year at The Florida State University in the fall of 1999. A few months later, the Noles won their last National Championship by defeating a Michael Vick led Virginia Tech Hokies squad. Boy was that a joyous time.

Fast forward 10 years later and the Noles are mired in mediocracy. They are a despicable 2-3 with recent losses to Boston College and South Florida.

What was once a whisper for Bobby Bowden to retire has now become a loud yell for his head. FSU message boards are littered with “Fire Bobby” threads, Mike Bianchi certainly had to get his two cents in, and even FSU trustees chair Jim
Smith thinks enough is enough.

Of course, all of this is just mere talk. And even with the talk getting louder and louder, according to Warchant, Bowden aint budging.

“I will determine my situation with Florida State University, when my move has to come,” Bowden said during his Sunday afternoon teleconference. “I already know in the back of my mind when I want to leave here. I won’t let some guy’s speculation tell me when to move or what decision to make, that will be me. If it has something to do with that it will be based with me and the president of our university.”

So it seems that time for talking is over. And it’s time for action. And that’s exactly what a group of fans/students are planning.

A facebook group has been established to implore FSU fans to wear black to every remaining home game to protest the current regime.

It’s unbelievable, unfortunately Florida State has begun to accept mediocrity.





So to show support of our team, of our school and of our legacy we must protest the current regime. Put those black out UNCONQUERED shirts to good use! Wear black to every home game… hell were them to every away game and cheer on the Noles but let everyone know… THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!


Make a statement and hopefully the message will be heard!

Wearing Black is not taking a shot specifically taking a shot at Bobby. Its tell the administration that something drastic needs to be done to show we are still determined to win a NC and were not ok with mediocrity. Also that win or lose we still support the players. We need something to happen to show recruits that we will not become Duke, we are determined to return to greatness. It’s not what Coach Bowden HAS done for us but what is he doing NOW for us! He is a legend, he alone is tarnishing his own legacy!

At the moment the group is at 25,000 members and with rumblings of Jimbo Fisher signing a new five year contract, the end may be near for Bowden.

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