Rasheed Wallace Has His Eye On 72-10

Remember early last season when the Celtics were rolling through the NBA? You remember because they undoubtedly beat your favorite team during their 23-2 start. Also remember when I wondered aloud if they could take down the Bulls’ 72-10 record? We all know that it didn’t happen, but they just may be taking aim this season.

And when I say they, I really mean Rasheed Wallace.

Yep, he said as much in a recent interview with Tom Halzack of the Connecticut News.

“Oh definitely. Definitely, playing with those three other guys, also combining that with the guys we have on the bench, I think we definitely can. Me personally, I think we can get that Bulls record. You know we have the talent for it. We have the will for it and…I think we have the defense for it.”

[Halzack]: “Do you want me to use that?”

“You can. Because honestly, I really do feel that. That was a good team. They had some [Hall of Famers] on there, but we have a few on this team, too.”

A little too early to make statements like that if you ask me, but it’s not out of the realm of possibility. Of course, a healthy KG would go a long way in making a run at it.

Just know this. If they start off 23-2 again, there will be another “woundering aloud” post from me.

Celtics 2009-10: One of the Greatest Teams Ever? (Tom Halzack, Celtics Central)

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