Questionable Poses: Dennis Rodman’s Attempt At Breast Cancer Awareness

For reasons that someone needs to explain pronto, Dennis Rodman was allowed to join the catwalk during the “Pink Collection Fashion Show”, benefiting the Susan G. Komen Foundation in Miami.

In typical Dennis Rodman fashion (or lack therof) , he goes completely over the top as he morphs himself into a walking “breast cancer awareness ribbon”.

For anyone else, this concoction would indeed be questionable, but for Rodman, it’s normal.  But we’ll just pretend he doesn’t dress up like this on a daily basis.

And while I have you here talking about breasts and Rodman, it seems that he’s in a little hot water for “examining” one of the models at the after party.  Only problem is that he wasn’t looking for lumps in her breasts.

Image via Dlisted

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