Questionable Decision: Steve Phillips

Steve had the life. A great job, a beautiful wife and money in the bank, what else could a man ask for?

As many men in his position, the former Mets GM was poisoned by power and used it to lure young women into bed with him.

The 46-year-old Phillips, left, along with wife Marni are likely headed toward a divorce. Partly because of the 22-year-old Brooke Hundley, photo lower right corner.

She became a pawn in Phillips’ sex games and, like all young women in this situation, was dumped. Of course she reacted in a negative fashion. She sent letters to his wife describing their sexual encounters which led to his and her firing from ESPN.

Phillips has lost his credibility, respect, job and possibly his marriage just to have sex with an, at best, average looking young woman.

His reason for the massive screw up? An uncontrollable sexual addiction. I’m not one to judge. As a married man, I know the thought of random sexual encounters can be tempting, but if you fall victim to temptation, don’t blame it on an addiction, but rather on your inability to resist a sexual tryst.

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