Practice-Gate Could Cost Rich Rodriguez His Job

Remember that lil dust up at the University of Michigan a couple months ago? The one where former and current Michigan players accused Rich Rodriguez of forcing them to practice too much? The one where Rodriguez broke down while trying to dispel the accusations?

If not, click the links and catch up. While you’re busy catching up on last year’s news, the rest of us will delve into just how added a few extra wind sprints here and there could actually cost Rodriguez his job.

So it seems the the NCAA may have a pretty significant case brewing against the University of Michigan. The Detroit News dishes the dirt:

The NCAA on Monday notified the University of Michigan it has reasonable cause to believe major violations might have occurred in the operation of its storied football program.

But what remained unclear is whether the NCAA has uncovered new or more evidence of major violations or whether it’s merely pursuing the original allegations, from some current and former Michigan players, that NCAA rules regarding practice time were violated. NCAA investigators have been working since early September in cooperation with independent investigators appointed by the university to determine the veracity of the allegations.

In issuing an official “Notice of Inquiry” to the university President Mary Sue Coleman on Monday, the NCAA made clear, formally, its investigators will determine if major violations occurred.

If this is determined to indeed be a major violation, Rodriguez would be shown the door. And that’s despite the turnaround that the program has made in year 2.

Among other implications, coach Rich Rodriguez’s contract calls for his termination if he’s found to be responsible for major violations of NCAA rules.

So let’s recap. Too much practice puts your job in jeopardy. And yes, we’re talking about practice.

NCAA tells U-M it believes major violations might have occurred (The Detroit News)

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  1. That happens everywhere if you play for a major college football program. Michigan players are just soft.

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