No more ‘Captain Jack’

Guess which overpaid NBA player is disgruntled this week? You got it, none other than Golden State Warriors swing-man Stephen Jackson.

The 31-year-old Jackson has lobbied to be traded all summer, now he has relinquished his ‘captain’ title and duties, stating that “it’s overrated to me, anyway…I don’t want to be a role model.”

Yes, this is the same Stephen Jackson that was involved in the infamous ‘Malice at the Palace’ in Detroit back in 2004. The same guy that was supposed to be grateful for another opportunity to play in the league after serving a 30-game suspension and losing $3M in salary.

Jackson’s anger has even spilled over to the court. He was suspended for two games after a verbal exchange with head coach Don Nelson after he received 5 fouls and a technical in Friday’s pre-season game against the Lakers.

Though Jackson wants off of the team, he did sign a 3-year, $28M contract extension in November of 2008.

When asked why he did it, he said it was about the money, he couldn’t turn it down. So much for the love of the game.

Jackson gives up Captain title with Warriors (

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