NBA Previewin’: Washington Wizards

Have you checked the calendar lately?  It’s October! And there’s a special feeling in the air. The feeling of NBA action!

Yes, that time is almost upon us.  While we’re waiting, let’s embark on a journey to preview each and every team in the association.

Just so we’re clear, we won’t make any promises about how we’ll treat your beloved franchise.  We may praise them.  We may mock them.  Just be certain that we will preview them in some sort or fashion.

So without further ado, it’s the Washington Wizards.

How did they fare last season? The Wizards finished 19-63 and just missed the 8th spot in the playoffs by 20 games.

Who has been welcomed with open arms? Fabricio Oberto, Randy Foye, Mike Miller and new head coach Flip Saunders

Who was sent packing? Oleksiy Pecherov, Darius Songaila, Etan Thomas, and former head coach Eddie Jordan.

Who should be the starting five?
C Brendan Haywood
PF Antawn Jamison
SF Caron Butler
SG Mike Miller
PG Gilbert Arenas

The outlook for the season: One would have to believe that this is a playoff team, but I can find plenty of reasons why they won’t be a playoff be. Health, Chemistry, Size, Defense, shall I go on?

They seem to like the moves that they’ve made this offseason, particularly bringing in Mike Miller. Even though they don’t particularly like his choice of sneakers. Me? I kinda wanted to see what Nick Young and Javaris Crittenton could do with the minutes Miller and Foye are going to be getting.

They still have way too many shooters and not enough size. At some point, a trade has to happen.

Despite that, if healthy, the Wizards should at least compete for a playoff spot.  That’s all you’ll get me to guarantee.

For your viewing pleasure, here’s the Wizards’ top 10 plays from last season.  And believe or not, they actually won two of these games.

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