NBA Previewin’: Milwaukee Bucks

Have you checked the calendar lately?  It’s October! And there’s a special feeling in the air. The feeling of NBA action!

Yes, that time is almost upon us.  While we’re waiting, let’s embark on a journey to preview each and every team in the association.

Just so we’re clear, we won’t make any promises about how we’ll treat your beloved franchise.  We may praise them.  We may mock them.  Just be certain that we will preview them in some sort or fashion.  

Milwaukee Bucks, it’s your turn.

How did they fare last season? The Bucks finished the season 34-48 and were in the thick of the playoff race right up until the end of the season.

Who’s been added? Brandon Jennings (10th pick in the draft), Jodie Meeks (41st pick in the draft), Hakim Warrick, Carlos Delfino, Kurt Thomas,
Walter Sharpe, Roko Ukic

Who did they lose? Ramon Sessions, Charlie Villanueva, Malik Allen, Richard Jefferson, Amir Johnson, Sonny Weems

Who should be the starting 5?
C Andrew Bogut
PF Luc Richard Mbah a Moute
SF Charlie Bell
SG Michael Redd
PG Luke Ridnour

The outlook for the season: Just taking a look at that projected starting 5 should tell you exactly how this season will go.

I’m not too sure what exactly the Bucks offseason agenda was, but it seemed like they decided to get rid of anyone who could actually help this team win.

Gone are Charlie Villanueva, Ramon Session, and Richard Jefferson. With those 3 on this squad, the Bucks could’ve been in line for a playoff spot. Now, they’ll be in line for lottery spot. And one must begin to wonder if Michael Redd will make it through the season in Milwaukee. If he doesn’t, they could always sign this guy.

Eastern Conference

Washington Wizards

Western Conference

Sacramento Kings

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