NBA Previewin’: Los Angeles Clippers

Have you checked the calendar lately?  It’s October! And there’s a special feeling in the air. The feeling of NBA action!

Yes, that time is almost upon us.  While we’re waiting, let’s embark on a journey to preview each and every team in the association.

Just so we’re clear, we won’t make any promises about how we’ll treat your beloved franchise.  We may praise them.  We may mock them.  Just be certain that we will preview them in some sort or fashion.  

So now, let’s talk about that other team in Los Angeles. The Clippers.

How did they fare last season?  The Clippers finished 19-63 on the court last season. But they won the draft lottery championship. Their prize? Blake Griffin.

Who has made their way to LA? Blake Griffin (1st pick in the draft), Rasual Butler, Mark Madsen, Craig Smith, Sebastian Telfair

Who was shipped out of LA? Alex Acker, Fred Jones, Zach Randolph, Quentin Richardson

Who should be the starting 5?
C Chris Kaman
PF Blake Griffin
SF Al Thornton
SG Eric Gordon
PG Baron Davis

The outlook for the season: This may surprise many, but on paper, the Clippers look like a playoff squad. With that starting 5 and a stopper like Marcus Camby coming off the bench, this team could be filthy. There’s just one problem. Mike Dunleavy is their coach. So just forget about all the stuff I just said about them being filthy.

If and when Dunleavy is relieved of his duties (or he somehow realizes how to use this team, I doubt it), I really believe that the Clippers will turn a corner. They just need either Eric Gordon or Al Thornton to blossom into a consistent scorer. If that happens this season, watch out.

And if it does indeed happen, this guy will be ecstatic.

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