Mike Miller’s Choice Of Sneaker Won’t Be Tolerated In Washington

During the off-season there were many trades made just for the sake of making a trade. One of which brought Mike Miller to the Washington Wizards. All reports point to the Wizards really loving the addition of Miller because of his unselfish play. Which makes perfect sense because there isn’t much room for another player to come in and jack up shots. Arenas, Butler, and Jamison have that market cornered.

But enough of what the Wizards have liked about Mike Miller.  Let’s talk about what they haven’t liked. Peep this:

 Mike Miller had the gall to come to training camp wearing a pair of LeBron James’ signature Nike shoe.  Yes, a pair of LeBron James’ signature Nike shoe.

Oh, no he didn’t!  Oh, yes he did!  You know Deshawn Stevenson aint having that!

Unaware of the Washington Wizards’ three consecutive first-round playoff losses to Cleveland, Miller arrived for training camp wearing LeBron James’s signature Nike shoe. DeShawn Stevenson, Caron Butler and Antawn Jamison didn’t hesitate to let Miller know that a change was necessary.

“He got to get them out of here,” said Stevenson, a noted James agitator who engaged in a war of words with him two postseasons ago that later involved rappers Soulja Boy and Jay-Z. “LeBron shoes — we off that. We already got war against them. He can’t wear that. It’s all beef right there.”

See, told you Deshawn Stevenson wasn’t having that.

Miller Is Fitting In With Wizards, Even If His Shoes Do Not (The Washington Post)

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  1. davejb851 says:

    Just got to say, this JUST MIGHT be the reason the Wiz's are so horrible.
    Perhaps if they focused on playing the game over what someone is wearing for sneakers…..well boys will be boys! And these are boys playing a man's game.

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