Michael Crabtree’s Route Tree At Texas Tech Was More Like A Route Twig

Now that the unimportant stuff is out of the way, like actually signing, we can finally dig into what Michael Crabtree is and what he isn’t. First, let’s look at what he is.

  • An idiot for holding out so long.
  • An idiot for holding out so long and not getting the money he wanted.
  • An idiot for letting Eugene Parker advise him to hold out so long.
  • A extremely talented receiver who will be a big weapon for the 49ers sooner or later.

Now, to what he isn’t.

  • A route runner. PERIOD!

Pretty normal, you say? Most college receivers aren’t polished route runners, you say? But what if the receiver only ran two routes his entire collegiate career? Two routes! That’s it.

Didn’t know it was that bad, huh? Yeah, you agree now don’t you?

“He basically played on one side in college, didn’t flip, stayed on the one side and he ran a hitch, and if he was pressed, he ran a go,” [San Francisco 49ers offensive coordinator] Jimmy Raye said. “So, it’s a little bit more learning that he has to do than time will allow us to teach him, but we’ve got to make do as we can.”

So basically you’re telling me that the Mike, “genius”, “mad scientist” or “whatever else you want to call him”, Leach offense is basically sandlot football?

I think I can agree with that.

49ers coordinator: Crabtree ran two routes in college (National Football Post)

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