Lebron’s clout clearly reaches beyond the world of basketball

Call it a coincidence, or bad fortune, but Braylon Edwards is on a plane to New York because he messed with the wrong guy.

He could have decked a friend of any other athlete in Cleveland, instead he ‘scuffled’ with a member of the ‘King’s,’ entourage.

Lebron James is Cleveland sports. While the Browns are horrible, as usual, and the Indians are in rebuilding mode, Lebron has the Cavaliers amongst the NBA’s elite.

James is charismatic, talented and most importantly, he sells out the Quickens Loan Arena for every Cavs home game. He brings the big bucks in.

I’m pretty sure Cavs owner Dan Gilbert called Browns owner Randy Lerner and discussed how hard it’s been trying convince Lebron to stay in Cleveland after his contract expires.

Gilbert probably said how Lebron now fears for the safety of his family and friends when they’re out on the town. In short, I think Gilbert offered Lerner a large sum of money to deal away the unproductive, quarrelsome wide out Edwards, eliminating James of one more problem in hopes of him agreeing to stay in Cleveland forever.

The funny thing is, James and Edwards could possibly both be in New York this time next year. Maybe they’ll makeup and go out clubbing after Edwards goes to see Lebron play at the Garden.

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