Lane Kiffin’s Foolproof Steps For Wowing Recruits

The legend (or laughing stock) of Lane Kiffin continues to grow by the week. Whether you love him or think he’s a plum fool, you have to admit that the man is going for broke. Calling out opposing coaches, wardrobe changes during games, revving up the “moral victory” engine in Knoxville, the man has truly pulled out all the stops.

So naturally, he has also pulled out all the stops when it comes to recruiting.  A high school prospect in the Atlanta area top knows all too well.

Northview high school defensive lineman Denzel McCoy is commited to Georgia Tech.  Has been since April.  Does Lane Kiffin care?  No.

The Tennessee coaching staff planned on visiting another game in the area to wow a few other recruits.  Said game was on the other side of town.  Does Lane Kiffin care?  No.  He just hits both games by helicopter. 

First rule in wowing recruits: Show up in a helicopter.

“I didn’t know they were going to come in a helicopter,” McCoy said with a laugh.

A laugh!  Great!  McCoy is just about gift wrapped, right?  Now time to show how passionate you are for the recruit.  Show him that you heart is really in this.  No homo, of course.

Second rule in wowing recruits: Tell him you’ll be heartbroken if he commits elsewhere.

“Coach Kiffin told me he respected my decision to go with Tech,” said McCoy, who said he still gets hand-written letters from Kiffin every week. “But he told me it broke his heart when he heard I committed and said he wanted me to come up on Oct. 31.”

Touching, I know. I’m wiping the tears from my eyes as we speak.

Now that the recruit feels all warm inside (no homo), time to bring it home.

Third rule in wowing recruits: Let him know that this is destiny.

“He said he was hired on my birthday, Dec. 1, and that made it destiny for me to come to Tennessee.”

Game. Set. Match. Now just sit back and wait for the recruit’s response. And hopefully you get a response like this:

“McCoy said he respectfully declined. He said the Vols’ coaches made a similar play for Yellow Jackets’ commitment Anthony Williams of Union Grove. Williams also declined an invitation to visit Tennessee.”

Wait, what? It’s okay. Kiffin may not have gotten this one, but he was close, right? This wasn’t a loss, it’s a win. No one expected Kiffin to even get to talk to him. He’s definitely going in the right direction. He’ll get the next one.

And the moral victory train in Knoxville chugs on. Choo, choo!

Tech’s McCoy says ‘no thanks’ to helicoptering Vols (AJC)

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