Lane Kiffin Finds Time For A Wardrobe Change Against Auburn

Things are getting rocky on Rocky Top. The Vols dropped to 2-3 with their 26-22 loss to Auburn on Saturday. One bright spot though is that we learned that Lane Kiffin is a skilled wardrobe changer. That counts for something, right?

Here’s Kiffin in his black windbreaker.  Notice that he seems to be pumped.  That’s because this picture is during the 1st half.

In the 2nd half, his demeanor has changed as well as his windbreaker.  Here he’s in orange and white doing what he has had to do all season.  Tell Jonathon Crompton how much he will not miss him next season.

Lane Kiffin = Master Wardrobe Changer. Take that Urban Meyer!

Photos via Go Vols Xtra

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