John Fox To Stick With Jake Delhomme And Prove That He’s A Glutton For Punishment

Things finally set up nicely for Panthers coach John Fox to make a change at quarterback. Jake Delhomme threw 3 more interceptions, which upped his total to 13 on the season. They lost to the Buffalo Bills. They are now 2-4. And did I mention that they lost to the Buffalo Bills?

Easy decision, right? Actually no decision was needed to be made. There’s no way even Jake Delhomme himself could be thinking he would keep his job. Well my friends, he will keep his job.  And you will like it just as much as John Fox does.

John Fox has just announced that Jake Delhomme will start at quarterback for the Panthers on Sunday when they travel to Arizona to take on the Cardinals.

Fox told reporters on Wednesday that Jake gives the team “the best chance to win.”

“I still believe Jake is our best quarterback. I have no reason to believe otherwise, truth be told,” Fox said Monday. “But collectively we’ll do whatever it takes for us to improve. What that is I can’t honestly tell you at this second.”

You have no reason to believe otherwise?  You have no reason to believe otherwise?  You really have no reason to believe otherwise?  You’re playing, right John?  Stop playing, John.

And It’s pretty obvious that you don’t know what it takes for the Panthers to improve, John. If we were all honest, we probably wouldn’t know either. But here’s a stab in the dark: Starting Jake Delhomme sure isn’t gonna help with the improvement.

Fox: Jake Delhomme To Start For Panthers Sunday At Arizona (

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