Joe Gibbs Reunion With The Redskins?

It’s rumor time in Washington, DC. And quite frankly, we’re not the least bit surprised. At this point any and everything is liable to happen to the Redskins. If Daniel Snyder came on the tube and said that he has hired a guy who has been retired for years to come call plays for the Redskins, I wouldn’t be surprised.

That’s already happened you say? See, I told you. Not surprised a bit. So onward to the rumor of today.

 PFT is hearing whispers. Whispers that Joe Gibbs may be entering the fray once again. Because we all know that Joe Gibbs and only Joe Gibbs can fix the ailing Redskins.

There’s a rumor making the rounds that two-time former head coach Joe Gibbs could be returning in a role similar to the one occupied by Bill Parcells in Miami. Gibbs would be responsible for hiring a G.M. and a head coach, and otherwise stabilizing the franchise without grinding away as a head coach.

Redskins fans should rejoice because of this news rumor. If given the chance, Papa Gibbs will make it all better. Question is, will he get that chance?

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