If Vince Young Was The Titans’ Starter, Would He Still Have His Job After A 0-4 Start?

Before you get your panties in a bunch, this isn’t an attempt to make the case that Kerry Collins needs to be benched. It’s merely an attempt to ask the question that many had in their minds after yesterday’s horrible display against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

On one hand, you’d believe that Jeff Fisher would stick behind Vince Young, as he had done before and as he is doing now with Kerry Collins.  But on the other hand, that was before Young had his massive struggles.  And don’t forget, Fisher has replaced Collins before with a rookie Vince Young after a dismal 0-3 in 2006.  We all know how that ended up.

So here’s the hypothetical.  Young has his struggles of a year ago and is given time to turn it around.  He ultimately does and the Titans end up with their 13-3 record.  He follows it up by starting 0-4 this season.  Do we have Fisher making statements on behalf of Young like this?

“Kerry’s our starter. Kerry gives us our best chance to win,” Fisher said. “That was my decision today, to stay with him and try and find a way to win.”

Do we hear players having his back like this?

“We need to spark ourselves up,” running back LenDale White said. “Kerry’s the same quarterback who went 13-3 last year. The spark needs to come within ourselves. It’s all of us. We all need to look at ourselves and make plays.”

“The quarterback is not the problem,” center Kevin Mawae said. “And I am not going to answer further than that.”

“Kerry is doing a good job managing us,” receiver Justin Gage said. “As an offense we are taking turns making mistakes. We have to get on the same page.”

Maybe we do, maybe we dont. But one thing is certain.  The NFL is a “win now” league. Coaches are tasked with finding any and every way to win, period. Obviously, there is something missing from the Titans, but it’s also obvious that they may not know what it is.

So what do you do if you’re Jeff Fisher? Ride Kerry Collins until the wheels fall off or do you see what you actually have in Vince Young?

Titans vs. Jaguars: Kerry Collins remains ‘the man’ (Tennessean)

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