Derek Jeter Actually Made A Stupid Decision?????

Naw man. I aint saying he made a stupid decision. This is all coming from the “clutch”, “great”, “awesome”, “Mr. Yankee” himself.

“That was me,” Jeter said. “That was stupid.”

“I had the bunt early on and it was taken off, but I thought I would try to do it,” Jeter said.

“It was dumb for me to try and do it with two strikes,” he said.

Man, this just can’t be right. Derek Jeter doesn’t make stupid decisions. There has to be an explanation. Someone needs to clean this up. Paging Joe Girardi.

“Derek Jeter is a very smart baseball man,” Girardi said. “If he feels he can do the job in that situation, I’m not going to bark at him. He felt he could get it done, and he didn’t get it done.”

Ok, I feel much better now. Don’t you?

Jeter Says His Bunt Attempt Was ‘Stupid’ Decision (The New York Times)

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