The Clippers’ Season Starts Off In The Usual Fashion, Blake Griffin Injured

When you wake up and see a headline that reads:

Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin has a broken left kneecap that could sideline the No. 1 overall draft pick for six weeks.

Are you really surprised? Not because Blake Griffin is injury prone, but because it’s just another dark chapter in the Los Angeles Clippers’ dark chapter.

And to add insult to injury (nice pun placement there), direct your eyes on this:

Griffin broke his kneecap during the Clippers’ final preseason game against New Orleans last Friday, apparently after a dunk that left him wincing in pain.

Injured in the fake game right before the real game. We need someone to blame. I’m looking at you Mike Dunleavy. By default, of course.

Six weeks won’t be that bad, right? By my estimation, the Clippers will only be 10 games back of a playoff spot by that time. All isn’t lost.

But boy, what could’ve been.

Pour out a lil liquor for Clippers’ fans at lunch today.

Clips No. 1 pick sidelined with broken kneecap (AP)

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