Bills Fan Rents Billboard To Bash Team

Times are bad in Buffalo, namely for the Bills. The franchise is 1-4 this season and haven’t made the playoffs in nine seasons.

One would think the situation can’t get any worse, right? Just when the Bills thought their on the field problems were the worst of their worries, their fans have joined forces to bash the team publicly.

18-year-old Bills fan, Ryan Abshagen has raised over $1,400 via the web to rent ad space on a digital billboard. The billboard overlooks interstate 190 and will read “Its time to clean house, Ralph, followed by a list of three names: coach Dick Jauron, scout Tom Modrak and VP of personnel John Guy.

The 90-year-old Wilson should take heed to the fans warning, after all if they don’t fill the seats, the team will go under anyway.

Bills fans rent billboard to rip team (AP via

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