Big 4 In Florida? Jim Leavitt Says No

On the heels of South Florida’s victory over FSU a couple of weeks ago, we knew that there would be one or two delusional Bull backers that would make outrageous claims. We just didn’t expect the school itself to be making the claims.

Well, the USF athletic department has made such a claim. And the result is the billboard pictured above.

Bill McGillis, USF’s executive associate athletic director who oversees the program’s marketing efforts, said the billboard was intended to “celebrate one heck of an achievement” – USF’s 17-7 win at FSU on Sept. 26.

“Really, it was a feel-good message for Bulls fans,” said McGillis, who added that he received no negative feedback about the billboard. “That game is something our fans are very proud of.

“In no way was it intended (to slight the other schools).”

Even in defeat and in the midst of an unbearable season, I’m sure FSU doesn’t feel slighted in the least. And there’s no need to even mention Florida and Miami feeling slighted.

But luckily for their program, they have a coach that knows that one win over whomever doesn’t prove a thing.

“I had nothing to do with (the billboard), I don’t know how it got up, and I don’t know who put it up,” USF coach Jim Leavitt said Tuesday. “We have not won national championships, and we have not won conference championships. What gives us the right to sit there all of a sudden like we’ve won all these championships and done all this stuff? That’s not me. That’s never been me.

“I don’t want people to sit there and think I think we’re all that – because we’re not. We’re a program that’s trying to get competitive. We’re a program trying to build.”

So to USF fans, enjoy this time. You’re definitely on your way. And when you’ve definitely made it a Big 4 in Florida, you won’t have to proclaim it. Others will for you.

Leavitt denounces USF marketing’s ‘Big 4’ billboard (Tampa Bay Online)

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