Best Of The Best: Ponytails

Ponytails. Many men have tried to pull it off, though only a select few have managed to do so effectively. Here are a few of the male athletes that have tried to sport the hairstyle recently. Whether their attempt was successful or not is totally a subjective opinion. My belief is that no man should ever wear a ponytail.

Shawn Michaels– A longtime wrestler with the WWE, Michaels has sported long hair, as most wrestlers do, for the length of his career. As he ages, he tends to lean more towards the ponytail/slickback combination.

Joakim Noah– A center for the Chicago Bulls has improved on the court over the past 2 seasons, but continues to neglect his hair; the curly ponytail.

T.J. Houshmandzadeh- Housh was recently traded to the Seattle Seahawks, so he will be playing in a new stadium, but with the same ol’ pony tail. I don’t think he’ll ever cut his locks.

Robert Swift– By all standards, this guy has been a NBA bust. The 7’0 center sported the red ponytail while playing for the Sonics. His hair has received more attention than his playing ability.

Simon Whitlock– Whitlock is a professional dart player who has an interesting hair style. I really believe that he has a traditional mullet, but opts to include the ponytail in the back. This is the worst ponytail ever!

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