BCS Officials Considering Hiring A Full Time "Fall Guy"

BCS officials are tossing around an idea for a new position. Someone to be out on the forefront of the BCS discussions. Someone to help with the growth of the BCS. A point man, if you will.

And most importantly, this person will take the full blunt of the venom spewed by BCS opposition. A fall guy, if you will.

Bowl Championship Series officials are considering hiring a permanent point person to be a full-time advocate for the often criticized postseason system.

If a new position were created it likely would take over much of the high-profile responsibilities of the BCS coordinator — a two-year post that rotates among the commissioners of the Atlantic Coast Conference, Big East, Big 12 and Southeastern Conference.

The coordinator currently acts as the public face and voice of the BCS, but the demands of the job have outgrown the part-time position and can at times create conflicts of interest for the conference commissioner in charge.

Time to spruce up those resumes folks. That’s if you like fielding death threats on a regular basis.

BCS officials might hire permanent point person  (AP)

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