Arenas fined $25K for self imposed gag order

Its evident from Arenas’ 2009 Media Day photo to the left that he is all about business this season, yeah right.

The Wizards point guard formerly known as ‘Hibachi’ and ‘Agent Zero,’ has promoted his playful, entertaining persona through light-hearted interviews and his personal blog over the past few seasons.

Now he has refused to speak with the media, which is required by the NBA, before and after preseason games and has accrued a $25K fine apiece, for himself and the team.

On Sept. 28, Media Day, Arenas stated, ” I’m not the entertainer anymore.” His blog has also stopped daily production.

What has caused Arenas to have a ‘temporary’ changed a heart? Let us not forget that Arenas has only played 15 games in the past two seasons, but in that time signed a $111M, 6-year deal from the Washington Wizards.

Maybe he feels some form of guilt for receiving so much money to do nothing, I doubt it. But keeping the narcissism to a minimum until he proves himself on the court again, isn’t such a bad idea.

I predict the blog and his arrogance will resume after he’s named to the 2010 All-Star team.

Arenas, Wizards fined $25K for ignoring media (Associated Press)

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