Antoine Walker’s Stat Line Of The Week: Opening Night Edition

If you haven’t heard, or seen, the NBA is back! Which also means the time has come that we give out our coveted “Antoine Walker Stat Line Of The Week” award to a well deserving player each week. If you’re new around these parts and you need some background on this award, even though it’s pretty self explanatory, venture on over here. And if you happen to run across a stat line that is worthy of this prestigious award, send it here pronto.

Now that everyone is up to speed, on to the winner from opening night.

With only 4 games on the opening night docket, there was slim pickings when it comes to candidates for the opening night award. Yet, one player stuck out like a sore thumb. That one player was the Los Angeles Clippers’ very own, Baron Davis. A member of the Clippers player getting the nod? How surprising.

To the box score!

In 28 minutes, Baron put up:

2 Points (1-10 FG, 0-3 3Pt)
4 Rebounds
8 Assists
2 Turnovers
1 Block

Congrats on your award winning night, Baron! Antoine would be proud. Somewhere he is shimmyin’ in your honor.

And we’ll just look the other way when people bring up your ankle injury.  We know that you won’t let a little sprained ankle slow you down.

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