The Angels Stayed Alive Last Night And This Guys Had Fun In The Fountain

Jose Cerveza Cervera missed all the late inning fireworks from last night’s Angels, Yankees game. He was too busy being detained for enjoying the waterfall at Angels stadium.

Surprisingly, alcohol has been ruled out. Which makes his actions all the more better.

He was detained on a citizen’s arrest — likely by stadium personnel or security — and detained in Anaheim’s jail Thursday night. He has since been released, and faces charges of trespassing, a misdemeanor.

Cervera will not face charges on public drunkenness, though, a clue that officers didn’t find him to be “unable to care for himself or a danger to others,” Anaheim Police Sgt. Rick Martinez said.

Oh and if you hadn’t heard, the Angels blew a lead. Then, the Yankees blew a lead. And the Angels won 7-6.

Now that’s comprehensive coverage.

The guy on the rocks is named… (OC Register)

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