3 NFL coaches that will be out of a job by New Year’s Day

The NFL season has been underway for only six weeks and there are already many coaches that are perched on the hot seat. Though more will eventually be fired, these three listed below should be the first to go.

Jim Zorn, career record: 10-12– The Washington Redskins have one of the worst offenses in the NFL and guess who’s the play caller, you got it, head coach Jim Zorn. Well, he was the play caller. He was relieved of his play calling duties after a 14-6 loss to a Kansas City Chiefs team that came into the game win less. The Redskins failed to score a TD against the Chiefs 32nd ranked defense. Sherman Lewis will take over play calling duties. I’ll be surprised if Zorn makes it to Halloween.

Dick Jauron, career record:59-80– Jauron is a nice enough guy, but has had only one winning season as a head coach, 2001 Bears(13-3), out of 10 seasons as a NFL head coach, including 1 interim season. Why he’s still a head coach, I don’t know. This season, his Buffalo Bills are on schedule to end the season at the bottom of the AFC East once again, 2-4. Enough is enough, obviously he can’t get the job done. Somebody tell Ralph to get another coach and retire already.

Jeff Fisher, career record:128-106- As the longest tenured coach in the NFL, Jeff Fisher has enjoyed some good times in Tennessee, but this season has been a train wreck. In his 16 season in the league, Fisher has had only 5 losing seasons, but this season looks as if it will be the 6th. The team has started 0-6 and lost 59-0 over the weekend against the Patriots. I believe Fisher has lost command in the locker room; his tenure in Tennessee has run it’s course, time to move on. Don’t look for him to return next season.

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  1. Jeff Fisher aint losing his job anytime soon.

  2. dang you took my idea los but Norv turner is gone unless they win afc championship..atleast he should be and dont be shocked if fat wade phillips is out too

  3. Los Brown says:

    Jeff Fisher is closer to the door than most people think. Wade and Norv will be okay as long as they win at least one playoff game.

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