15 Sports Figures That Wear Their Halloween Costumes Every Day

As you all know, tomorrow is Halloween. So if you haven’t already, we’re sure that today will be spent wrapping your brain around what exactly you want to dress up as this year.

For some, this will be an agonizing decision. For others, it will come naturally. Today we’re gonna introduce you to some folks in the sports world that this indeed comes naturally to. Mainly, because they wear their costumes everyday. And while we’re at it, we’ll go ahead and spill the beans on who they really are.

Ready? Set? Go.

David Kahn in his NBA GM costume. He’s really an avid Menudo fan.  He has even tried acquire his very own living member of the group.  Even if he has to fly across the globe to get him.

Al Davis in his NFL owner costume. He’s really the keeper of the crypt that is the Oakland Raiders. He even looks the part.

Matt Millen in his NFL GM and TV analyst costume. His costume must be pretty convincing because he has somehow fooled NBC, FOX, ESPN, NFL Network and the Lions into thinking that he actually knows something about football.

JaMarcus Russell in his starting NFL quarterback costume. He’s a professional “lay arounder”.  Not exactly sure what that is and JaMarcus was too lazy to explain it to me.

Tim McClelland in his MLB umpire costume.  Surprisingly, Tim is really an optometrist. He just has trouble seeing when you tag two players on the same play.

Kwame Brown in his former #1 NBA draft pick costume.  He’s really a thief.  And a really good one. He has been stealing money from the NBA for 8 years now.

Chip Caray in his play-by-play announcer costume. From time to time, Chip likes to sit in front of his TV and pretend that he’s actually calling a MLB game. Here’s some of his best work.

Lou Holtz in his college football analyst costume. Everyone knows he’s really a doctor homer.

Ted Ginn in his starting NFL receiver costume. He really works for Burger King. He’s the brains behind those “tiny hands” commercials.

Bobby Bowden continues to wear his college football head coach costume. But sadly, it just doesn’t have the effect that it once had.

Adam Morrison in his NBA player costume. He really spends his days dippin’ Skoal and filming adult movies. The 70’s kind.

Jim Zorn in his NFL offensive coordinator/ head coach costume. His real job is to be Daniel Snyder’s personal toilet.

Milton Bradley in his MLB player costume.  He really works for Al Sharpton. He was sent to Chicago to uncover racist Cubs fans.

Craig Sager in his NBA analyst costume. He’s really a circus clown.  And he uses this same costume.  But you already knew that.

Owen Schmitt in his “crazy NFL player” costume.  Schmitt is really a WWE wrestler.  Cage matches are his specialty.

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