Your NFL Preseason Power Rankings: 16-9

Keezy W. will be handling this season’s NFL power rankings here at No Guts. For some reason he’s a Denver Broncos fan so any jokes about the Broncos or complaints about these rankings should be done in the comments.

16. Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers looks to continue to move out of Brett Farve’s shadow and while he isn’t doing too bad of a job, he needs to be more consistent throughout the entire season for the Pack to have a chance.

15. Chicago Bears

Da Bears may have FINALLY found a permanent starting quarterback in young Jay Cutler. With a solid running game and a defense that always shows up to play two, things he lacked in Denver, Cutler could have the fans singing his praises for years to come if he carries Da Bears back to where they were two years ago.

14. Miami Dolphins

Miami looks to prove that last year wasn’t a fluke and to completely distance themselves from the dismal 2007 season that saw them go a lowly 1-15. Ronnie Brown will once again be the key to the offense and the addition of rookie QB Pat White could take the wildcat to whole new levels.

13. Dallas Cowboys

It seems that America’s former team has been picked to win the NFC every season and they cant even win a playoff game, or even make the playoffs for that matter. Things will get worse this year once Tony Romo shows his true colors now that he doesn’t have a top-notch wideout to heave the ball to when he’s in trouble. Wade Phillips will be out the door this year baring a miracle.

12. San Diego Chargers

Each and every seasons for the past 3 or 4 years, the Chargers are picked to come out of the AFC to represent the conference in the Superbowl. And each and every year they fail to do so, which leads me to believe that this team is like the New York Knicks of the early to mid 90s. They always have the talent to win a championship, but they never do. Also, LT is 30, which is not a good age for a running back that has been the focal point of this offense ever since he came into the league.

11. Indianapolis Colts

Peyton Manning is still the 2nd best quarterback in the NFL but, the same can’t be said about the always tough Colts as a team. Whether the experts and fans want to believe it or not, the truth is that the Colts are a team on the decline. The defense is once again playing like a bunch of softies and Manning doesn’t have the same options on offense like he had for so long throughout the decade.

10. Carolina Panthers

This may not sit too well with star receiver, Steve Smith but Jake Delhomme is going to learn to become a game manager after his horrible performance in the playoffs last year. The running game will have to remain the focal point of this offense for them to succeed.

9. Baltimore Ravens

Joe Flacco is looking to improve off of a great ’08 season. The always-dominant Ravens D looks to continue the trend minus overrated linebacker Bart Scott. Derrick Mason has unretired, which gives young Flacco a veteran receiver to hook up with again through the air.

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  1. So if Dallas is not America's team anymore,then who is?

  2. Pittsburgh, New England Take your pick

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