Your NFL Power Rankings: Week 2

Keezy W. will be handling this season’s NFL power rankings here at No Guts. For some reason he’s a Denver Broncos fan so any jokes about the Broncos or complaints about these rankings should be done in the comments.

Week 2 is in the books, and what a week it was. There were quite a few upsets that I didn’t see happening which will cause for a lot of changes taking place in the power rankings for this week.

1. Pittsburgh Steelers (1-1) – They lost to Da Bears which I didn’t see coming at all, but this team to me still looks like the class of the league. When the offense gets back on track, they may be unstoppable.

2. New York Giants (2-0) – Nice way to spoil the circus that was going on in Arlington for the opening of Cowboys Stadium.

3. New England Patriots (1-1) – I don’t think anyone expected the Pats to go undefeated this season. So why all the fuss over one loss to a good team?

4. Atlanta Falcons (2-0) – The offense in the ATL is clickin. They face a real test in New England next week, which will give some insight on if the Durty Birds are for real.

5. Baltimore Ravens (2-0) – The Ravens leapfrog into the top 5 behind Ray Lewis and his game winning stop against the Chargers.

6. Minnesota Vikings (2-0) – Talks of AP running for 3,000 yards may be a little over the top, but the Vikings already look like they are on their way to two straight NFC North titles.

7. Indianapolis Colts (2-0) – The Peyton Manning’s made a mockery of the Dolphins on Monday Night. And with the rest of the AFC South playing backyard football, it may be a cake walk to the division title this year.

8. New Orleans Saints (2-0) – For the 2nd straight week, the Saints make the biggest jump (along with the Jets) in the power rankings.

9. New York Jets (2-0) – The Jets walked the walk after so much talking leading up to their showdown with the Pats. They may give them a battle for the division crown but I still don’t believe in them just yet.

10. Arizona Cardinals (1-1) – Beating the Jags doesn’t mean much of anything, but seeing Kurt Warner play the way he did shows me that this team can still make noise if he is healthy.

11. Philadelphia Eagles (1-1) – The Eagles played the wrong team at the wrong time without having their best player in McNabb.

12. San Diego Chargers (1-1) – Phillip Rivers is really beginning to make a believer out of me. But he plays for the Chargers, which will ultimately lead to failure come playoff time. That’s if they even make it that far, with the way my Broncos are playing.

13. Dallas Cowboys (1-1) – I’m surprised that Jerry Jones didn’t come down and try to play quarterback himself after the display from Tony Loco.

14. Tennessee Titans (0-2) – Courtland Finnegan deciding to fight Andre Johnson on the Texans sideline shows how smart the Titans defenders are. Great game from CJ though.

15. Chicago Bears (1-1) – Big win for Da Bears. The “crybaby” had a solid game bouncing back from that horrible performance from a week ago.

16. San Francisco 49ers (2-0) – The 49ers are undefeated against the NFC West after two weeks and number one in the division. This could be a sleeper playoff team.

17. Carolina Panthers (0-2) – Steve Smith is my guy and the only way the Panthers will win the NFC South this year is if he plays both ways.

18. Houston Texans (1-1) – They got a big win against last year’s division champs. Maybe it will get them on the right track to challenging the Manning’s for the AFC South.

19. Denver Broncos (2-0) – Two and 0. Yea, I think you here us coming!

20. Green Bay Packers (1-1) – Not only does losing to the Bengals drop you this low, letting Ochocinco come through on his promise to do the Lambeau leap if he scores is even worse.

21. Buffalo Bills (1-1) – T.O. is getting old if you haven’t noticed, but the Bills played a good game against a lowly Smuckaneers team.

22. Washington Redskins (1-1) – Only scoring 9 points against the worst team in the NFL doesn’t bode well for the Skins.

23. Oakland Raiders (1-1) – The offense is still trying to find it’s way but the defense in the Black Hole looks great.

24. Seattle Seahawks (1-1) – Frank Gore will be in this team’s nightmares for weeks to come.

25. Miami Dolphins (0-2) – Last week it was the offense. This week the defense looked like it forgot it was playing Peyton Manning and a team that rarely runs the ball.

26. Cincinnati Bengals (1-1) – Carson Palmer looked like he is finally getting back into the flow of things and you gotta love Ochocinco after the Lambeau Leap.

The rest of the teams look so bad I will just list them.

27. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
28. Jacksonville Jaguars
29. Detroit Lions
30. Kansas City Chiefs
31. Cleveland Browns
32. St. Louis Rams

Week 1

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  1. So, your number one ranked team lost to the 15th ranked team and needed overtime to beat the 14th ranked team at home (combined record 1-3) and that doesn't bother you?

  2. so how many teams do you think are really better than the steelers?

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