Will Greg Ostertag be a Dallas Maverick this season?

Over the past decade the Dallas Mavericks have been notorious for acquiring 7’0 footers that no one else in the NBA would want.

From Erick Dampier to Dasagne Diop there have been many ‘ big flops’ during the Mark Cuban era. Here is one more future flop you can add to the list, Greg Ostertag.

Yes, Dallas Mavericks president of Basketball Operations Donnie Nelson said that the 7’2 36-year-old is on his radar, perhaps to fill the back-up center spot.

Ostertag has been retired 3 years now and his stats while playing aren’t worth mentioning. The Mavs starting center is Erick Dampier, who is terrible enough alone, why add a worst player to the mix. I thought the aim of trades and acquisitions were to make the team better not worst.

One thing is for certain, the Mavericks have given up on making a serious run at a NBA title, it’s time to rebuild and allow Dirk to go to a real contender.

….Ostertag is expressing interest (The Dallas Morning News via FOXSports.com)

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  1. colton chapple says:

    funny to read this story now. this idiot author posts this before the mavs win a championship. all thanks to dirk staying

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