Who You Need To Be Draftin’: Quarterbacks

With many fantasy football drafts taking place this week, we’re gonna go out of our way to help you improve on that last place finish of yester-year. If you’re looking for analytical statistics to help you draft, you’re in the wrong place. Relying on those same statistics got you that last place finish, remember? So why not try it our way? I knew you would.

Today we’ll talk about quarterbacks, so pay attention. Because if you don’t get at least one of these players, you’re screwed.

Drew Brees

There are certain things in life that are guarantees. Death, taxes, and Drew Brees putting up great numbers in fantasy football. That’s, if he can stay healthy of course. If you’re thinking quarterback, he definitely better be #1 on your list.

Tom Brady

No one is completely sure how Tom Brady will fare this season. But based on the numbers from past years, he’s worthy of being the #2 quarterback on your draft board.

Peyton Manning

Gone are the days of monster numbers for Mr. Manning. But he’s a safe bet as the 3rd quarterback on your board because he will put up pretty consistent numbers and won’t make many mistakes.

Philip Rivers

Rivers has weapons abound and he isn’t afraid to use them. Look for a pretty consistent year from him with an occasional big day.

Aaron Rodgers

Like Rivers, he will be pretty consistent and have a big day here and there. But he’s still capable of a not so big day. Even still, the reward outweighs the risk.

Sleeper Pick – Jason Campbell

If there is ever going to be a year for Campbell to break out, it’s this year. I think he’s out to prove a lot of people wrong and the numbers could show it. Now, does that mean take him as your #1 quarterback? No. But he could end up being a steal in the later rounds.

Rookie To Watch – Mark Sanchez

It was either Stafford or Sanchez. We’ll go with Sanchez, simply because he has just a little better chance to succeed with the team around him. Should you pick either? No. But someone had to win “Rookie To Watch” honors.

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  1. Matt Ryan…Tony G., Rodney White,solid o-line and Turner out the backfiled

  2. He'll be alright. Not a top 5 fantasy qb just yet.

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