Weekly Rewind

The Weekly Rewind is our recap of some of the most captivating sports stories of the previous week.

Jordan officially heads to the Hall of Fame– There was no doubt whether the greatest basketball player in history would enter the Naismith Memorial Hall of Fame, the only question was when? A teary-eyed Michael Jordan was officially inducted into the hall Friday night in Springfield’s Symphony Hall. Congrats Mike!

Deja Vu– New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees started the 2009 season the same way he played the entire 2008 season, on fire. Brees threw for six touchdowns and 358 yards in the Saints 45-27 win over the Detroit Lions on Sunday afternoon. At this pace, Brees will break Marino’s most passing yards in a season record easily.

Money does change some people– Serena Williams, unlike her older sister Venus, often displays a sense of entitlement and is arrogant. This time she will have to cough up 10K because of it. After Saturday’s U.S. Open semi-final loss to Kim Clijsters (6-4, 7-5), Williams shouted a few f bombs to one of the line judges that cited her for a foot fault late in the match. Over the past few years, Serena has transformed into another rich athlete that hasn’t learned how to be gracious in defeat. Congrats to Clijsters on her successful return after her two-and-a-half year maternity leave.

McNabb/Mr. Glass is broken again– Donovan McNabb is injury prone. I don’t know if he plays a little harder than the rest of the quaterbacks in the league or if he trains less in the off-season. Either way, he’s injured too often. After a touchdown run in the 3rd quarter of the Eagles game against the Carolina Panthers, McNabb cracked a rib and was replaced by Kevin Kolb. Though the Eagles won 38-10, McNabb’s status is questionable for next week. If this continues, this will be Vick’s team by Christmas.

The biggest non-story of last week– Iverson to the Grizzlies is equivalent to a star running back being traded to the Lions, it’s pointless. One of the NBA’s greatest scorers of all-time was officially traded to the Memphis Grizzlies on last Thursday. The 34-year-old signed a 1-year $3.5M deal. Let’s hope this isn’t his last stop. Who wants to end their career in Memphis?

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