Vick’s first outing, mediocre at best

Michael Vick, his fans along with millions of other football watchers speculated about whether Vick would ever suit for a NFL team again.

After a 33 month debate, our question was answered. We all witnessed the return of #7 to the football field, but his first game was far less than impressive. Vick went 0-2 passing and had 1 carry for 7 yards in the Eagles 34-14 victory over the Chiefs on Sunday.

Many say having Vick on the roster is a ploy or clever gimmick to confuse opposing defenses, while others contend he will eventually challenge the injury prone McNabb for his starting spot.

For now, this is still a project in the works. Due to Vick’s extensive time away from the game, his speed and decision making abilities have not quite returned yet but if they do, the NFL better beware.

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