Tim Tebow Will Not Take A Picture With Your Shirtless Daughter

Tired of Tim Tebow stories? Me too. But with a new one every week, which is weirder than the last, you have no choice but to entertain it. So I will make this one as short and as painless as I can.

Tebow undoubtedly can’t go anywhere these days without someone wanting an autograph or to take a picture with him. Sounds about right. It also sounds about right for women to want to take shirtless photos with Tebow.

While shopping recently at RadioShack, Florida quarterback Tim Tebow was approached by a woman with a seemingly innocuous request to take a picture with him. But an instant before her mother snapped the photo with a cellphone camera, the woman tried to take off her shirt.

OMG! Woman, picture, breasts. WWTTD?

“It’s happened four or five times,” Tebow said with a sigh. “Most of the time I just dive out of the picture. Some people can just be crazy.”

Remember kids, women who try to take a shirtless photo with you are crazy. Stay away!

College Stars Run for Cover From Fans’ Cameras (New York Times)

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  1. Tracer Bullet says:

    Women who want to take topless pictures in front of their mothers are something worse than crazy.

    • Right??? What kind of mother is THAT? EHK… I’d be droppin that phone in a second and slappin some sense into her. I’d rather be picked up for “abuse” than neglect!!

  2. Well yeah, that goes without saying.

  3. There ARE those in our society who are above the scum who look for, and follow news stories about some star or athelete who “is dating some one new” “dumped a wife” fight in a motel room, got arrested with a substance. Just look at the magazines at the checkout at WalMart and you know the scum of our society. Tebow, I am hoping brings our society to its knees for prayer for mercy. Wally

  4. Thank God for Tim Tebow’s good sense. In a day when every news outlet would love to run the headline, with picture,

    “Tim Tebow seen with topless girl! Was she of age?”,

    he’s savvy enough to see it coming and run. Sure beats Derek Jeter giving his one-night “acquaintances” a gift basket of autographed merchandise! (http://msn.foxsports.com/mlb/story/New-York-Yankees-Derek-Jeter-one-night-stands-autographed-memorabilia-121311)

    What does it say, also, about a girl who wants to mock his commitment and potentially bear the stigma (though probably fame, in our “culture”) of bringing Tebow down? IS this what feminism’s fight was all about – a socially acceptable plunge to crassness? Our bodies, not our minds?

  5. 1 – Good for Tim Tebow for sticking by his values.

    2 – He’s not an idiot. As SterCrazy points out, this would totally make headlines and people would try to say that he’s somehow hypocritical for allowing this picture.

    3 – More young men should be like Tim Tebow, the world would be a better place for it.

  6. Jack Bandit says:

    I’m going to have to agree with SterCrazy, cypher20, and the general consensus of the comments here. If the tone of this article is any indication, it sounds as though the writer would have been calling Tebow out had he actually posed for the picture. You’ve tried to make it a no win situation. If he poses he’s a hypocrite, if he doesn’t he’s the creepy, sheltered kid from high school that blushes and faints from talking to girls.
    However, it seems your readers don’t share your view.

  7. Rick Jones says:

    Tim Tebow doesn’t pose for these less than quartered-brained girls because he’s a Christian. It’s that simple and principled. Of course, the girl’s half-brained mother would find that not understandable…which is understandable because being half-brained doesn’t allow for much !

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