Thieves Try To Swipe Cal Ricken’s "8" Monument From Outside Of Camden Yards

With meaningful baseball once again over in Baltimore for the summer, young hooligans are no longer paying their way into the park to do what young hooligans do. Instead, they’re hanging around outside the park doing what young hooligans do.

In Baltimore, that consists of trying to steal a 4-foot aluminum monument, loading it into a pickup truck, all the while closed circuit cameras are capturing every moment of it.

Which leads me to my next question. What exactly were they going to do with it once they got it home? I mean seriously. I’m not even concerned about why they came up with such a foolproof plan to get themselves caught. I’m more interested in what their plan was for the monument.

Were they gonna take it home so pops could place it out on the lawn? Surefire way to win “lawn of the month”, I’m sure.

Were they gonna take it to the aluminum recycling center? Soda cans go for what, 25 cents? I wonder how much they would’ve scored with a 4 foot aluminum monumental can. Intriguing.

At any rate, the question needs to be asked and answered.

Image via here.

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