Stackhouse may start NBA season unemployed

The economic meltdown has had a adverse effect on the sports world and has definitely hit the veteran players in the wallet.

Vets in all sports, even those who can still contribute, have been cut, released and have gone unsigned at a much higher rate than ever before.

Former Mavericks guard Jerry Stackhouse has first hand knowledge since he’s yet be to be signed by a NBA franchise even though training camps start in about a week.

A 14-year vet, Stackhouse has relocated to the Atlanta area and has worked out in the Hawks facility over the course of the summer hoping that some NBA GM gives him an offer.

Stackhouse has been a prolific scorer over the course of his NBA career, but was injured last season and along with his age, may have a hard time making a roster.

Stackhouse isn’t the only vet thats struggled to get a meaningful contract this off season. Allen Iverson and Ben Wallace were once high paid, must have players, but both only managed to get 1-year deals making a fraction of their previous salaries. Perhaps that’s the reality of a seasoned vet like Stackhouse, no more $50M deals.

Stackhouse is ready to contribute(AJC via

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