The New Coping Mechanism For The Mets: Running Laps In The Parking Lot During Games

This is young scrappy New York Mets’ pitcher, Mike Pelfrey. Like the rest of his Mets’ teammates, he’s not having what you and I would call a banner year. He is 9-10 with an ERA of 5.03. In his last two starts, he has given up 17 hits, 12 runs and 10 walks in just 9.2 innings. Not exactly Cy Young numbers.

Now, that we’ve all been introduced, we can talk about how Pelfrey has chosen to deal with his frustration. Frustration that came to a boiling point yesterday after he was yanked after four innings after giving up six hits and seven runs.

The furious Pelfrey stormed into the clubhouse, where he switched his uniform for running gear, and then left the stadium.

“I was so upset, I had to get outside,” Pelfrey said Wednesday afternoon. “I had to get some fresh air. I had to breathe.”

Once he found himself standing in the middle of the parking lot, Pelfrey began running laps, each about 13 blocks long, as his teammates struggled through the late innings of an 8-3 loss to Colorado.

It’s good to see the kid still cares. Not sure why he does, but it’s still good to see.

Frustrated Pelfrey blows off steam; Mets’ lose (Newsday)

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