Mike Vick To Play In Week 1?

Apparently, you may get to see Mike Vick make his NFL regular season debut before week 6. In fact, it just may be opening weekend. According to FanHouse, sources say that they expect Roger Goodell to reinstate Vick immediately.

A final resolution to the Michael Vick issue could come as soon as this weekend, and two sources close to the situation told FanHouse that they expect NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to reinstate Vick immediately, making him eligible to play in the Eagles’ first regular-season game on Sept. 13 in Charlotte against the Carolina Panthers.

If Goodell does indeed reinstate him immediately, does this signal the beginning of a much softer Goodell? Or is he genuinely pleased with the steps that Mike Vick has been taking? Or is this all because of the Tony Dungy influence? Or could this be all about the money that will be generated with Vick in the league? I say all of the above.

Sources: Vick Likely Eligible for Week 1 (FanHouse)

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