Let The Bobby Cox Successor Debate Begin

The announcement that Braves’ manager Bobby Cox will retire after next season was made just one day ago. Yet, the debate about his successor has been running wild for a while now. Maybe not nationally, but definitely here in Atlanta.

So much so that just this past Monday, AJC sports columnist Mark Bradley penned his 5 candidates to take over the Braves after Bobby Cox. Did he know the announcement was coming soon? Probably not. It just goes to show how wild the debate has been, and will be until some lucky gent is signed to be “they guy that followed Bobby Cox”.

So let’s get into his candidates and offer up some of our own, shall we?

(In order by Bradley’s preference)

1. Brad Mills, Red Sox bench coach
2. Jose Oquendo, Cardinals third base coach
3. Dave Duncan, Cardinals pitching coach
4. Terry Pendleton, Braves hitting coach
5. Scott Ullger, Twins third base coach

Bradley seems to be a believer that the Braves should be looking at a strong position coach who has been under the tutorledge of a seasoned winner. While there’s no problem with this school of thought, many in Atlanta don’t agree with this direction.

Many in Atlanta don’t want someone learning on the job.  They want someone to step right in and get this team back to winning pennants.  So to them, this hire has to be someone who has experience managing a team. And I gotta say that I’m in total agreement with this train of thought.

With that being said, here’s my 5 candidates (in no particular order):

– Ned Yost, Former Brewers manager– Braves ties. Should’ve never been fired.
– Fredi Gonzalez, Marlins manager – Also has Braves ties. Under contract until 2011, but contracts are made to be broken.
Larry Bowa, former Phillies manager – Did well early in Philly before going down in flames.
Phil Garner, former Astros manager – Had the Astros rolling in 2004 and 2005.
Willie Randolph, former Mets manager – Was pretty successful early on in NY.

And just for fun:
Bobby Valentine, former Mets manager – No real reason other than, why not?

Who do you think needs to get the call?

5 candidates to take over the Braves after Bobby Cox (Mark Bradley, AJC)

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  1. Ed The Sports Fan says:

    I really do think Bobby Valentine would be an awesome choice, and I think Mark Bradley is on crack. I could maybe see Pendleton or Dave Duncan be a selection…but I'd also like to maybe see Ned Yost or Fredi Gonzalez because of the ties to the organization.

    But Atlanta needs a fire lit in their ass (pause) so I say Bobby V for $400 Alex.


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