Landry Jones Is Getting Attention From Opposing Defenses As Well As The American Mustache Institute

The night Sam Bradford went down with a shoulder injury was a sad day for Boomer Sooner. But a knight with a shiny mustache came to the rescue. Yes, they went on to lose that game against BYU, but Oklahoma’s most intriguing mustache had now been put on full display for the nation to marvel at. This was Landry Jones’ mustache coming out party.

“After the first game, people were calling and texting me from back home in North Carolina saying, ‘What’s up with your QB’s mustache?’ ” said guard Brian Simmons. “People in my class, tutors in study hall, everyone has been asking me about it.”

Students came to Saturday’s game sporting fake mustaches and T-shirts that said, “Fear the Stache” and “Mustache Mafia.” OU football operations coordinator Matt McMillen and video director Brian Martin have begun growing mustaches to show solidarity with Jones.

The power of Jones’ mustache reaches farther than just Norman, Oklahoma. Oh no, this mustache has a star quality. The type of quality that has the American Mustache Institute giddy.

“We’ve been paying attention to Landry,” said Aaron Perlut, chairman of the Institute. “We love it. Unfortunately, when he first entered the game, there was a lot of criticism the following week about his mustache. We find that very disappointing.

“That’s the life of downtrodden, mustache-wearing Americans.”

Perlut pointed out Jones’ style of mustache is a “Chevron,” worn wide and long to cover the top border of the upper lip.

“We are inspired by Landry and appreciate everything that he’s doing,” Perlut said. “He is a shining beacon of freedom for all the young people out there who wear mustaches.”

Keep fighting the good fight, Landry and wear that Chevron like no other Chevron has been worn before.

* Photos by David Ubben, The Oklahoman

Landry Jones and his mustache have reached celebrity status (NewsOK)

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