Kent State Coach: Running Back Gets A Sixth Year Or NCAA Offices Should be Burned Down

The fella pictured here with one of his players is Kent State coach, Doug Martin. I have never met Doug Martin, but from this photo, Martin looks like a peaceful man. A man that just wants to do the best job he can for Kent State. A man who just enjoys football and cuddling up with a nice book and night. A man that could never, ever dream up organizing everyone in Kent to storm the NCAA offices and burn them to the ground. Boy, did he have me fooled.

Martin has this escapade in mind because his 5th-year senior running back, Eugene Jarvis is out for the season with a kidney injury. To Martin, giving Jarvis a 6th year is a no-brainer. A slam dunk actually. But the NCAA has screwed him over once before in this type of situation. So I guess it’s not really a no-brainer or a slam dunk. But this time is different. Because if he’s screwed over this time, there will be fiery hell to pay.

Martin was adamant that Kent State officials would apply for a medical exemption and sixth year for Jarvis, who has already used a redshirt.

“[It’s] a slam dunk that [Jarvis] should get a sixth year,” said Martin, who brought a handful of photocopied stories to pass out to the media of other players across the country who were granted a sixth year of eligibility.

But Martin pointed out two other KSU players [quarterback Giorgio Morgan and defensive player Abe Elam] who recently requested a sixth year from the NCAA and were denied.

“If [Jarvis] doesn’t [get a sixth year], then somebody’s not doing their job or the NCAA doesn’t care about kids. . . . If this kid doesn’t get a sixth year, everybody in Kent should storm the NCAA, and we should burn the place down.”

Judging by the NCAA’s idiotic decisions in prior cases, I’m sure he won’t get that 6th year. Which would be a shame. It’s also a shame that coach Martin will probably not follow through with his plan. Not that I condone arson or anything of that nature. I’m just of the belief that the NCAA just needs a little wake up call.

Kent’s top running back suffers kidney injury (

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  1. I went to Kent and have met Doug Martin and the man can be intense. I am afraid he is not intense enough to burn down the NCAA…I don't even know where you would start. Anyway, Jarvis was the heart of that team and it is really sad that he is out for his senior year. The NCAA should give him a 6th year and show that they actually care about their athletes.

  2. Yeah, they should. Sadly, the NCAA doesn't care about the athletes, only the money.

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