Jaguars May Turn To Orlando For Fan Support

It’s been a while since the Jacksonville Jaguars have seen fan support similar to the support pictured. In fact, fan support has dropped so low that the Jags expect to have home TV blackouts this season.

With fan support not expected to get better anytime soon, owner Wayne Weaver is looking into an untapped market when it comes to NFL football. And he didn’t have to look very far.

In a recent interview with the Sentinel, Weaver said the NFL is likely to add two games and go to an 18-game regular season within the next three years. If it happens, Weaver, whose team is already struggling mightily to sell tickets in Jacksonville, is keeping a watchful eye on football-starved Orlando as a place where he could play games and grow his fan base.

“There’s certainly the possibility that we would play some out-of-market games,” Weaver said. “If it happened, Orlando would be the best option and most reasonable location.

“In the past, we have reached out to try and cultivate that market and haven’t had as much success as we would have liked. We probably need to do a better job. That’s a given. We are looking at a long-term strategy and thinking out of the box on how we can build a fan base in Orlando.”

In the short term, this may indeed work. But what about long term for Jacksonville? A move like this would undoubtedly mean that the Jaguars would move from Jacksonville at some point. Whether it would be Orlando full time or LA, who’s lurking in the dark, this would definitely seal Jacksonville’s fate.

Having grown up in Jacksonville, I would say it would be disappointing if they did indeed leave. Mainly because how much folks there yearned for a NFL team. But now that they’ve had a taste, moving them just might be the best thing to do.

Jacksonville Jaguars owner Wayne Weaver says team may play future regular-season games in Orlando (Orlando Sentinel)

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