If Pirates’ Ownership Isn’t Pocketing The Cash, Where Is It Going?

The Pittsburgh Pirates has been your favorite team’s favorite team for the past few years. Mainly because your favorite team has gotten budding new talent from the Pirates for next to nothing. Just look at some of the highway robbery that the Pirates were involved in.

  • The Cubs got Aramis Ramirez
  • The Yankees got Xavier Nady
  • The Red Sox got Jason Bay and Adam LaRoche
  • The Braves got Nate McClouth
  • The Giants got Freddy Sanchez

No need to worry about what the Pirates got in return because I can assure you it was nothing.  So as you can see, it’s hard to believe that the Pirates actually have a plan.

One guy thinks they do.  And his name is Bud Selig.  In fact, he believes that this “plan” is actually a very suitable one for the Pirates.  But before you go and think the ownership’s true plan is to pocket any and every penny of revenue, Selig says think again.

The Pirates are “absolutely not” putting profit over winning, Major League Baseball commissioner Bud Selig said in an extensive interview with the Post-Gazette about his sport’s most woeful franchise.

“I know how painful this is for the fans in Pittsburgh,” Selig said by phone from his office in Milwaukee. “But, in watching this management team the past couple of years and how aggressive they’ve been and how they’re restocking the farm system, that’s where they had to start. And if they weren’t doing it, you’d hear from me.”

Would we Bud? We haven’t in the last couple of years. Years that have seen the Pirates make pretty decent dough. All while shedding payroll left and right.

Forbes Magazine has estimated that the Pirates’ profit was $17.6 million in 2007, $15.9 million last year, but that magazine receives no access to any figures, from MLB, its teams or the financial institutions working with those teams.

Asked if the Pirates’ ownership, led by chairman Bob Nutting, was making money in that range, Selig raised his voice in replying, “Absolutely not. Unequivocally not. I’m telling you, they’re not pocketing it. I mean, it’s just an economic myth.”

An economic myth, it may be. But the proof is definitely in the pudding.

Yes, it’s obvious that they are and have been stocking their farm system, but are they doing so just to turn a profit? If this were the case, I ask again Mr. Selig, would we really hear from you?

My guess is no, because we should’ve heard from you years ago.

Selig: Pirates not putting profits over winning (Post-Gazette)

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