Flagrant Moments From Bruce Bowen’s Illustrious Career

The NBA lost an one of a kind yesterday with the retiring of Bruce Bowen. Whether you thought he was dirty or a defensive genius, there was no one like in the him in the recent era of the NBA. He had an ol’ school vibe to his game that only Bill Laimbeer could appreciation. So to pay homage to Laimbeer’s favorite player, here’s some of the moments that will linger on from Bruce Bowen’s career.

The kick that Wally Szczerbiak will never forget

Tripping was a weapon for Bowen

Ray Allen gets a swift kick to the back

bruce bowen kicks ray allen – MyVideo

Throwin’ them bow’s

Throwin’ mo bow’s

Steve Nash’s jewels experiencing the wrath of Bruce Bowen….

And so does Chris Paul’s

Raise the jersey to the rafters now.

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