Favre sets the scene for failure

Ramblings of excuses and explanations have already began for Brett Favre. The 39-year-old QB claims he won’t let his 269 consecutive games started streak hinder the season of the Vikings like it did the Jets in the latter part of the 2008 season.

Favre now admits he injured his bicep tendon last season, but remained the Jet’s starter while struggling through the last 5 games. ” I don’t want to go through that and neither do the Vikings,” Favre stated after informing the media that he was all for Kellen Clemens taking over the reigns after his arm gave out.

Here’s my perspective of Brett Favre. He was once a great, elite QB, but his time has passed. He is no longer the quintessential QB he once was, now he’s merely average. Despite these facts, Favre has used his storied career, smile and goodwill to swindle NFL GM’s and head coaches into signing him with the belief that he will be the Brett Favre of 1996. He won’t. That Favre is long gone and can only be relived on film and not on the field.

The Vikings will not win the Super Bowl this year and I’m not so sure they will make it to the playoffs, but they will sell many tickets and #4 jerseys. Let’s hope this is the last team to try the Favre experiment.

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