Farmar unhappy with backup role with Lakers

There is no guarantee in sports that you’ll win a championship, but the drama that follows after winning it all is as definite as death and taxes.

Los Angeles Lakers backup PG Jordan Farmar averaged 6.4 points a game last season and saw his minutes drop from 20mpg to 18mpg with the late season acquisition of guard Shannon Brown, so in typical pampered, young athlete fashion he began to complain, despite the success of his team.

During a basketball clinic in Singapore, Farmar had a lot to say,

“I want to run a team and be a lead guard….there are a lot of jobs out there,”-“Derek’s had a great run…..I want to continue to push him.” Followed by a statement given when asked about playing with Kobe, ” It’s hard…..He demands a lot of attention. He demands the ball alot of the time.”

In other words Jordan Farmar want to a starting PG in the NBA. If not with the Lakers some other team, but I hope he remembers what happened to Kobe when he tried to whine his way out of L.A. two years ago, absolutely nothing. If Kobe didn’t get his way, there is no conceivable way that Farmar will. As for his comments about Kobe’s dominance of the ball, deal with it young fella you can’t always have what you want when you want it, at least you have a job, how about being thankful.

Lakers guard Farmar: I want to start (GMANews.TV)

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  1. He must have forgot how tremendously horrible he played in the Rockets series, but as a Laker fan i could careless if he and Sasha Vuatrash leaves.

  2. Agree, they are both expendible players, but have managed to stick around despite their inconsistent play.

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