Don Nelson is still going strong

The Golden State Warriors head coach Don Nelson is in the midst of his second campaign with the franchise, but this time around has been especially rough.

The Warriors lost 53 games last season and, in the opinion of many including Don Nelson, are in a rebuilding phase, so why is Nelson sticking around?

He can’t have aspirations of winning a NBA title, those hopes dissipated when he left Dallas, but the 69-year-old is only 23 wins away from becoming the NBA’s winningest coach, his total currently stands at 1,309.

In his own words, ” I’ve never won a championship, as you guys know. So you find enjoyment in other ways……”

Does Nelson really enjoy being around the game that much or is he fearful his life will become meaningless if he leaves the sidelines? Either way, bowing out gracefully, this season, would be ideal.

Contrary to sensible thinking, Nelson is signed to coach the team until 2011 and even said he’ll work for the franchise without pay after his contract expires. After all the money he made while with the Mavericks and Warriors, some may say undeservedly, he can afford it.

Warriors’ Nelson accentuates the positive (San Jose Mercury News via

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