College Football Week Three: What We Learned

J Will bring us what we learned from week three of the college football season.

A new year, another Pac-10 loss for USC: I just can’t understand why USC, who is stacked with top recruits, keeps losing to bottom feeders in the Pac-10. Washington didn’t win a game last year and somehow they beat USC 16-13, which is unacceptable. But when I visit USC’s message boards, they make excuses about injuries and all this other crap. This loss will cost them a chance at the national title.

The race for the SEC West title is going to be good: Coming into the season, everyone was talking about LSU, Alabama, and Ole Miss whenever the SEC West was mentioned. But with the performances by Auburn and Arkansas in a losing effort, the West doesn’t look that easy. Both Auburn and Arkansas have good offenses and will be tough to stop. Both will have a say in who wins this division.

What a bad weekend for football in the state of Utah: Both Utah and BYU were knocked out of the running for a BCS bowl with their losses to Oregon and FSU (which I said would happen). The Utah game was a close hard fought game but Oregon made the plays in the end. BYU was blown out by FSU who just took a dump in Provo. I thought this was going to be a good game at least, but when a team scores on their first 7 possessions and doesn’t punt until the 3rd quarter, you’re going to get blown out.

Miami is pretty darn good: They are. But you already knew that. I just needed a reason to be able to post this video.

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