College Football Week One: What We Learned

J Will bring us what we learned from week one of the college football season.

Greg Paulus can play: A lot of people questioned Paulus playing quarterback for Syracuse but he impressed me. Paulus finished the day going 19 of 31 for 167 yards and a touchdown. He threw a bad interception in overtime but the game shouldn’t have gotten to overtime. If his wide receivers would actually catch a pass or two, Syracuse would have won.

USC will be fine with Matt Barkley
: Barkley was 15-of-19 for 233 yards and a touchdown in USC’s victory of San Jose State. The one thing that stood out was that he didn’t commit any turnovers. Barkley didn’t try to be the star, he just managed the game and got the ball out to his playmakers. Looking forward to see what he does against Ohio State this week.

The ACC had a bad weekend: Wake Forest losing to Baylor, Maryland getting stomped by California, Duke losing to Richmond, and Virginia losing to William and Mary knocked the ACC down some. Virginia Tech fought hard against Alabama but until the Hokies get an offense, they’re going to lose big games like this. But the Virginia loss was the worst which leads to…….

Al Groh will be gone at the end of the season: It seems that Groh has nine lives, but this is the straw that broke the camel’s back. Groh has been given enough time to turn the program around but he can’t do it. Time for a new face for Virginia football.

Boise State and BYU made big steps towards the BCS: Boise State’s win over Oregon and BYU’s upset over Oklahoma put both teams in the picture to get a BCS bowl berth. BYU has more big games left on their schedule, while Boise State’s schedule sets them up nicely to go undefeated.

Michigan and Notre Dame looked good: Both teams put on a offensive display which will have many people watching this weekend as they meet in Ann Arbor. Rich Rodriguez and Charlie Weis both took a little pressure off themselves, but both need to win this game badly.

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